Decide Your Destiny was a series of children's Doctor Who gamebooks published by Penguin Character Books from 2007 to 2010.

They were of the style commonly referred to as "Choose Your Own Adventure," written in the second person and with branching narratives, with each page ending with two or more options with instructions to advise the reader as to which page to go to depending on their choice. For example: "To go right, go to page 56. To go left, go to page 77."

Decide Your Destiny follows a number of Doctor Who-related gamebooks in this genre dating back to the mid-1980s.

Originally featuring the Tenth Doctor, the books continued into 2010 with the release of editions featuring the Eleventh Doctor. Unlike previous Decide your Destiny titles, all four 2010 books appear to feature the return of a monster or alien that had previously appeared in the television series, the Macra, Sycorax, Judoon and "Werewolves" respectively. They also featured links to exclusive online content.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Tenth Doctor[edit | edit source]

Title Author Featuring Published
The Spaceship Graveyard Colin Brake Martha 5 July 2007
Alien Arena Richard Dungworth
The Time Crocodile Colin Brake
The Corinthian Project Davey Moore
The Crystal Snare Richard Dungworth 4 October 2007
War of the Robots Trevor Baxendale
Dark Planet Davey Moore
The Haunted Wagon Train Colin Brake
Lost Luggage 6 March 2008
Second Skin Richard Dungworth
The Dragon King Trevor Baxendale
The Horror of Howling Hill Jonathan Green Martha

Eleventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

Title Author Featuring Published
The Coldest War Colin Brake Amy, Sycorax 29 April 2010
Claws of the Macra Trevor Baxendale Amy, UNIT, Macra
Judoon Monsoon Oli Smith Amy, Rory, Judoon 2 September 2010
Empire of the Wolf Neil Corry Amy, Rory, Werewolves

Cover gallery[edit | edit source]

Tenth Doctor[edit | edit source]

Eleventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

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