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On Earth, December was the twelfth and final month of the year. (TV: The End of Time)


December contained the holiday of Christmas (TV: Children in Need Special) and the phenomenon known as the winter solstice, the moment where daylight would reach its lowest amount and increase afterwards. As a consequence, it contained the exact mid-point of winter and therefore the instant when people were, in the words of Kazran Sardick and the Eleventh Doctor, "halfway out of the dark". (TV: A Christmas Carol) During the early 21st century, the time around Christmas was often subject to alien invasions. (TV: The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride et al.)

December also contained "Krampus nacht" on December 5th. This day was once attended by the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen. (AUDIO: Better Watch Out, Fairytale of Salzburg)

By year

In 1965, the First Doctor's TARDIS materialised in the yard of a police station in Liverpool, its scanner malfunctioning. After some initial fears the polluted atmosphere of the 20th century might harm his companions Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom (who had grown up in the clean air of the future) and some trouble with the local police, the First Doctor repaired the scanner and the TARDIS departed. (TV: "The Feast of Steven")

While travelling with Rose Tyler, the Ninth Doctor took a quick break to deliver a red bicycle to an 11-year old Rose in 1998. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle)

In 1999, the Seventh Doctor landed in San Francisco trying to stop the Master but was gunned down by a teenage gang. After minor surgery went wrong, due to the doctors not realising his Time Lord origins, he died and later regenerated in the hospital morgue. The Eighth Doctor struggled to regain his memories with the help of Grace Holloway as the Master stole a new body and tried to steal the remaining lives the Doctor possessed before he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony. (TV: Doctor Who)

In 2006, the Tenth Doctor recovered from his regeneration at the Powell Estate. Sycorax intercepted Guinevere One and sent a threatening message to Earth. The Sycorax ship's pilot fish landed. The Doctor stopped them from taking his regeneration energy. Prime Minister Harriet Jones sought help from UNIT as the Doctor was still in bed at the time, though she wasn't to know that until later. (TV: The Christmas Invasion) During the alien encounter, the Third Doctor briefly arrived to try to help, but he eventually left; realising that he has arrived to late to be anything of meaningful assistance. (PROSE: The Christmas Inversion)

In 2007, Donna Noble's wedding to Lance Bennett was interrupted by the Huon particles inside her system (put there by Lance) dragging her into the Doctor's TARDIS. After being attacked by Roboforms at the wedding reception, the Tenth Doctor, Donna and Lance went to H.C. Clements' basement. There, they travelled to a Torchwood base on the Thames Flood Barrier. The Empress of the Racnoss force fed Lance Huon energy to awaken her children, killing him. She also sent her Webstar to attack London, but the Doctor killed the children by draining the Thames into them and the British military, ordered by Minister of Defence Harold Saxon, blew up the webstar. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

In 2008, the Tenth Doctor, after repairing a hole in space-time with the help of his fifth incarnation, (TV: Time Crash) found himself aboard a space-faring replica of the Titanic in orbit around Earth. Some of the passengers (including the waitress Astrid Peth) briefly landed in the middle of London. As the two previous Christmases had been disrupted by the arrival of alien spacecraft over London, most residents of the city had left for the season so nothing devastating would ruin their holiday. Those choosing to remain in the city included Queen Elizabeth II and Wilfred Mott. A series of meteorites were deliberately allowed to collide with the de-shielded Titanic, causing the ship and its nuclear storm drive to hurtle towards Earth. Most of the survivors of this collision were killed by the Heavenly Host. After the Doctor used the Host's security protocol to find the man in charge, Max Capricorn, Astrid followed, killing Capricorn but dying with him. The Doctor piloted the Titanic to safety, just missing Buckingham Palace. The only survivors were Midshipman Alonso Frame, Rickston Slade, the Doctor and Mr Copper. Astrid Peth was partially revived as starlight. Mr Copper, having money for the first time in his life, retired to Earth. (TV: Voyage of the Damned)

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