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Wonders was the fifth and final short story anthology in Virgin Books' Decalog series. It was edited by Paul Leonard and Jim Mortimore and released in September 1997.

In 1996, Virgin Books lost the rights to publish original fiction featuring the Doctor or other BBC-owned characters. As a result, nine of the eleven stories in Wonders have no apparent connection to the Doctor Who universe. At the time, the only exception was The Judgement of Solomon, the first short story to feature Virgin New Adventures character Bernice Summerfield. However, in 2013, various characters from the Wonders story Bibliophage were reused in the Faction Paradox short story All the Fun of the Fear.


  • The Place of All Places, uncredited, based on an idea by Nakula Somana
  • Poyekhali 3201, by Stephen Baxter
  • King's Chambers, by Dominic Green
  • City of Hammers, by Neil Williamson
  • Painting the Age with the Beauty of Our Days, by Mike O'Driscoll
  • The Judgement of Solomon, by Lawrence Miles
  • The Milk of Human Kindness, by Liz Sourbut
  • Bibliophage, by Stephen Marley
  • Negative Space, by Jeanne Cavelos
  • Dome of Whispers, by Ian Watson
  • Waters of Starlight, by Stephen Marley

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