Re:Generations is the fourth instalment in the Virgin Decalogs series — a series of books which each contain ten tales wrapping around a common theme. This was the first of two Decalog collections published after the expiry of Virgin Publishing Ltd's licence to publish Doctor Who fiction; however, Virgin still retained the right to publish novels based upon characters created in the Virgin New Adventures series. Re:Generations consists of ten stories following the lives of the family of Roz Forrester, onetime companion of the Seventh Doctor.

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Following in the tradition of three previous highly successful and acclaimed short story collection, DECALOG 4 pushes back the boundaries of the imagination with a new series of ten interlinked tales.

Here for the first time is the complete future history of a remarkable family, the Forresters. Each tale chronicles a different episode in the life of the clan -- from their humble roots in twentieth-century South Africa, and all through their inexorable rise to control the galaxy-spanning Earth Empire a millennium later.

Stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
Second Chances Alex Stewart
No One Goes to Halfway There Kate Orman
Shopping for Eternity Gus Smith
Heritage Ben Jeapes
Burning Bright Liz Holliday
C9H13NO3 Peter Anghelides
Approximate Time of Death Richard Salter
Secret of the Black Planet Lance Parkin
Rescue Mission Paul Leonard
Dependence Day Andy Lane, Justin Richards

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