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Consequences was the third instalment in the Virgin Decalogs series, a series of books which each contained ten tales on a common theme. Although two more Decalog volumes were published, this was the last to feature the Doctor. The next short stories featuring the Doctor appeared when BBC Books launched the Short Trips line a couple of years later.

Consequences showed the ramifications of some of the Doctor's actions throughout space and time and how, more often than not, a happy ending is not the only one.

Consequences was notable for featuring a short story written by Steven Moffat, who became a multi-Hugo Award-winning scriptwriter for the Doctor Who series and became showrunner in 2010.

Publisher's summary[]

The consequences of having the Doctor crashing around our universe can be colossal...The Doctor is a time traveller. Never forget that, because it is central to an understanding of what makes him so terribly dangerous. Most of us, in our tiny, individual ways are involved in the writing of our history. Only the Doctor is out there rewriting it.

But even the Doctor may not see the threads that bind the universe together. Perhaps, instead, he cuts right through them. Who knows what events he sets in motion without even realising? Who knows what consequences may come back — or forward — to haunt him?

Ten completely new tales from the universe of Doctor Who. Seven Doctors' lives, inexorably linked in a breathtaking chain of consequences.


Title Author Doctor Featuring
...And Eternity in an Hour Stephen Bowkett 3rd Jo
Moving On Peter Anghelides Sarah, K9 Mark III
Tarnished Image Guy Clapperton 1st Dodo
Past Reckoning Jackie Marshall 5th Nyssa
UNITed We Fall Keith R.A. DeCandido 4th The Brig
Aliens and Predators Colin Brake 2nd Jamie, Zoe
Fegovy Gareth Roberts 6th Mel
Continuity Errors Steven Moffat 7th Benny
Timevault Ben Jeapes 4th K9 Mark II
Zeitgeist Craig Hinton 5th Turlough
Afterword Steven Moffat Unspecified Professor Candy


  • Consequences varied slightly from the first two Decalog books . The stories not only share a common theme, but are also a continuation of the same sequence of events, set unwittingly into motion by the Doctor. These events twist and turn throughout time and incarnations — so while actions taken by the Second Doctor may directly influence the Fifth, so do actions taken by the Seventh influence the Fourth, and so on. Each story influences the next in the series.
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of "UNITed we Fall", is one of a handful of writers to have written original fiction for both the Doctor Who and Star Trek franchises.

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