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Decalog 2: Lost Property was the second volume in the Decalog short story series. It was edited by Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker.

Publisher's summary[]

Ten stories — seven Doctors — no fixed abode.

Imaginatively entitled Decalog 2, this is the second collection of Doctor Who short fiction. And this time the theme is the Doctor's home - inasmuch as a peripatetic Time Lord can be said to have a home.

As before, the editors have gathered a galaxy of star writers to illuminate the theme. Many of the contributors will be well known to readers of the New Adventures and the Virgin Missing Adventures series of novels: Daniel Blythe, Paul Cornell, Andy Lane, David McIntee and Gareth Roberts are prolific Doctor Who authors. And as before this volume also includes contributions from new writers.

In these stories, among many other unexpected occurrences, the Doctor meets a pretender to the English throne, Nyssa meets a ghost, Zoe gets lost in time, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is dismissed from UNIT, and K9 is in electrifying form. And the Kandy Man is on Tara in a verse play in iambic pentameter.


Title Author Doctor Featuring
Vortex of Fear Gareth Roberts 2nd Jamie, Zoe
Crimson Dawn Tim Robins 4th Leela, K9 Mark I
Where the Heart Is Andy Lane 3rd Jo
The Trials of Tara Paul Cornell 7th Benny
Housewarming David A. McIntee Sarah, Yates, K9 Mark III
The Nine-Day Queen Matthew Jones 1st Ian, Barbara
Lonely Days Daniel Blythe 5th Nyssa
People of the Trees Pam Baddeley 4th Leela
Timeshare Vanessa Bishop 6th Peri
Question Mark Pyjamas Robert Perry, Mike Tucker 7th Ace, Benny

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