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You may be looking for the series of anthologies.

Decalog was the first volume in the Decalog short story series. It was edited by Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker.

Publisher's summary[]

Ten stories — seven Doctors — one enigma

Los Angeles. The war's over, the GIs are home, Truman's in the White House and the mobsters are making a killing — as usual.

Into the office of a private investigator walks a mysterious little man with a story that's out of this world. He says he's lost his memory. He wants the PI to help him. When he turns out his pockets, he produces a pile of bizarre objects, each of which restores a memory and solves a part of the puzzle.

And the memories seem to belong to seven different people.

Decalog is a new concept in Doctor Who fiction: a cycle of ten linked stories.


Title Author Doctor Featuring
Playback Stephen James Walker 7th
Fallen Angel Andy Lane 2nd Jamie, Zoe
The Duke of Dominoes Marc Platt 4th Sarah
The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back Vanessa Bishop 3rd Liz
Scarab of Death Mark Stammers 4th Sarah
The Book of Shadows Jim Mortimore 1st Ian, Barbara
Fascination David J. Howe 5th Peri
The Golden Door David Auger 1st Steven, Dodo, Sixth Doctor
Prisoners of the Sun Tim Robins 3rd Liz
Lackaday Express Paul Cornell 5th Nyssa, Tegan

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