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|novelisation of= Death to the Daleks
|novelisation of= Death to the Daleks
|cover= [[Roy Knipe]]
|cover= [[Roy Knipe]]
|release date= [[20 July (releases)|20 July]] [[1978]]
|release date= [[20 July (releases)|20 July]] [[1978 (releases)|1978]]
|format= Hardcover and paperback editions, 125 Pages
|format= Hardcover and paperback editions, 125 Pages
|isbn= ISBN 0-426-20042-X
|isbn= ISBN 0-426-20042-X

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Death to the Daleks was a novelisation based on the 1974 television serial Death to the Daleks.

Publisher's summary

1978 edition

A mysterious power-loss strands the TARDIS on Exxilon, a sinister fog-shrouded alien planet. Forced to brave the dangers of the planet, the Doctor meets the survivors of a beleaguered expedition from Earth searching for a precious mineral that can save the galaxy from a terrible space-plague. Sarah finds a mysterious super-City and becomes a captive of the savage Exxilons, and, worst of all, the Doctor’s greatest enemies, the dreaded Daleks, arrive on a secret mission of their own.
What terrifying power makes captives of all who come to the planet? What is the secret of the mysterious deserted City with its great flashing beacon? And what sinister plan has brought the Daleks to Exxilon? The Doctor and Sarah must risk their lives time and again in a desperate attempt to foil the Daleks and save millions of humans from the horrific plague.

1991 edition

"It's as if the TARDIS is dying," whispered Sarah...

Mysteriously drained of its energy by a strange force, the TARDIS and its occupants are stranded on the planet Exxilon, a planet inhabited by a savage and degenerate race. But it's here alone that the cure for the hideous space plague can be found, a cure so vital that even the Daleks are willing to join forces with the Doctor in order to find it...

Doctor Who - Death to the Daleks was first broadcast in 1974 and was written by Terry Nation, the creator of the Daleks. This novelization was written by Terrance Dicks, who was script editor of the series for five years and who has novelized more than sixty Doctor Who television stories.

Doctor Who is currently being reshown on BSB television.

Deviations from televised story

  • The Dalek's replacement weapons are referred to as "machine guns" (i.e., fully automatic slug-throwers); in the television story, the weapons appeared to function as semi-automatics.

Writing and publishing notes

  • An unused and unfinished piece of cover artwork for this title by Roy Knipe was later finished and and sold privately in the early 2000s.

Additional cover images

British publication history

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First Publication:

  • Hardback
W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. UK
  • Paperback


1991 Target Books / Virgin Publishing with a new cover by Alister Pearson priced £2.50 (UK)

Editions published outside Britain

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