Death in Venice was the episode of Doctor Who Confidential broadcast in conjunction with The Vampires of Venice.

The title is a reference to the 1912 Thomas Mann novella of the same name.

Aspects of production covered[edit | edit source]

  • The difficulties of finding locations that look like Venice (as Venice itself would be too difficult to sort in a historically accurate looking way for the majority of scenes), and even compositing multiple shots and background plates together in some cases.
  • How a small crew went to Venice itself to capture a few wide shots for insertion amongst the location footage.
  • Period setdressing.
  • Complications with the amount of local extras required, as well as having live animals on-set (notably with one woman and her goat in particular).
  • The stunt where Matt had to run away from an exploding building, and jump - in one take.
  • The considerations of health and safety for the stunt work of some of the actors having to jump into the water and go under, during Winter time.

Additional topics covered[edit | edit source]

  • Historical context to some of the interior locations used, as well as the local area.
  • The impact of the Black Plague upon the local area and Italy in general.

People interviewed[edit | edit source]

Music list[edit | edit source]

  • "Wearing My Rolex" by Wiley
  • "Monteverdi: Responsorium - Domine ad adiuvandum me festina" by Andrew Parrott & Tavern Choir, Consort & Players, Album: Vespro della beata Vergine 1610
  • "Moja mala nosi cizmice" by Tamburica Orchestra Veritas, Album: Folklore from Croatia
  • "Gondoliers" by Janos Lehar, Album: Around the World in 80 Minutes 3
  • "Oh My Beloved Father (Gianni Schicchi)" by Geoff Love & His Orchestra, Album: Opera Without Words
  • "The Girls" by Calvin Harris
  • "Funhouse" by P!nk
  • "Morale ipocrita borghese (from 'Stato interessante')" by Ennio Morricone
  • "What You Waiting For?" by Gwen Stefani
  • "Ciao Bella" by Christian Marsac, Album: Italy, Mediterranean ANW 1119
  • "Underwater Love" by Smoke City
  • "Main Title (from 'Jaws')" by John Williams & The London Studio Orchestra (also used in DCOM: What Dreams May Come)
  • "253" by Just Jack
  • "Ulysses" by Franz Ferdinand
  • "Fight for This Love" by Cheryl Cole
  • "Cry Little Sister (Theme from 'The Lost Boys')" by Gerard McMahon
  • "Tagliaferri: Piscatore 'e pusilleco" by Andrea Bocelli, Album: Viaggio Italiano
  • "Walk to Death" by Duncan Pittock, Album: Drones, Textures, Musical FX ANW 1038 (also used in DCOM: Lords and Masters)

Crew[edit | edit source]

Elements retained in Cut Down[edit | edit source]

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Home video releases[edit | edit source]

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series DVD cover.

The "Cut Down" version of this episode was included on the Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series DVD & Blu-ray box set released on 8 November 2010.

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