Death Disco was a comic story from Doctor Who The Official Annual 2009. It featured the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Tenth Doctor and Donna are in the audience of Universal Dance/Off (Nine million and two) which is taking place at the Cosmos Ballroom. Durrrin and Laliaargh are declared the winners by the independent adjudicator which Donna disagrees with. A mirrorball floats down and zaps Durrrin and Laliaargh making them disappear.

The Doctor picks up the trace of the beam and they follow it in the TARDIS arriving at its predicted destination which is a room twenty feet below Birmingham in 2009. In the room are a group of dancing zombies dressed in clothes from 1984. The Doctor and Donna are mistaken for Durrrin and Laliaargh and are made to dance or they would be killed.

The Doctor realises the dance floor is alive and tries to tell it through dance that they aren't Durrrin and Laliaargh. This sets off the self-destruct sequence. The mirrorball appears in the room with Durrrin and Laliaargh. The Doctor explains to them that they were brought there to repair the crashed spaceship.

The ship is a Terpsivore spaceship which crash-landed on Earth centuries before 2009. It lured humans to it through music and used their dancing to help repair the ship. The area of Birmingham where the ship landed was redeveloped in 1984 and the entrance was sealed off, leading to the zombies looking like they are from 1984. The zombies could only do so much so the ship sent the mirrorball to find the greatest dancers it could find.

Only a Terpsivore, which were like 60-foot long centipedes, could turn off the self-destruct sequence. Donna gets Durrrin and Laliaargh and the zombies to do the conga which mimics the Terpsivores turning off the self-destruct sequence. The Doctor tells Donna to do a few more steps which fixes the ship and sends it home.

The Doctor takes Donna, Durrrin and Laliaargh back to the Cosmos Ballroom where they find that the independent adjudicator fixed the results leading to the two species in the contest fighting each other. This was the start of Space War III.

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References[edit | edit source]

  • Donna says that the dance the Doctor is making her do is the Funky Chicken.
  • Donna asks the DJ if he can play ABBA.

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Continuity[edit | edit source]

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