The archive loading on Maruthea. (COMIC: The Incomplete Death's Head)

The Death's Head Interactive Archive was created by Hob over the course of three million years on the space station Maruthea, located in the Time Vortex. (COMIC The Incomplete Death's Head) Hob was flung through time and space by the thermonuclear explosion of the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket the Seventh Doctor and Death's Head left at the Intra-Venus, Inc. headquarters. (COMIC: Time Bomb!, The Incomplete Death's Head) Hob believed his master, Josiah W. Dogbolter, also survived the explosion and he dedicated his efforts to searching through "every inch of the physical universe and every second of history" to find him. Hob focused on recording and investigating every moment of Death's Head's life to locate him and force him to find Dogbolter. The Seventh Doctor sent Death's Head and Tuck to Maruthea to wrap up loose ends with Hob. At the same time, the original Death's Head arrived as Bonjaxx's Bar. (COMIC: The Incomplete Death's Head) After a bar fight, (COMIC: Party Animals) the original Death's Head met his later incarnation and they defeated Hob together. Before the original Death's Head could create a paradox by fighting his future incarnation, the Seventh Doctor stunned him, revealed his manipulation of Death's Head's life, and returned the original Death's Head to Bonjaxx's bar. (COMIC: The Incomplete Death's Head)

According to one account, Dogbolter survived the explosion and continued to run Intra-Venus, Inc. with Hob before being exposed by the Twelfth Doctor and arrested. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

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