Death's Head! was one of the stories published in The Incomplete Death's Head representing a part of a database about the life of Death's Head created by Hob.

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Tex wants to find Death's Head for murdering his brother, burning his farm, and killing his livestock. He finds him, but it turns out to be an explosive dummy which the real Death's Head shortly triggers.

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  • This one-page story was a reprint of a 1987 strip commonly called High Noon Tex where Death's Head first appeared in print. A newly drawn frame with Tex was added to the linking material in the first issue of The Incomplete Death's Head comic series. The original 1987 strip had no relation to Doctor Who Universe and, hence, is not considered a valid Doctor Who story. The validity of the the 1992 version is due to it being contained within the undeniably DWU linking material. Accordingly, only this 1992 reprint can be referenced on in-universe pages. Other reprints, for instance, in the 2007 graphic novel Death's Head: Volume 1, remain invalid alongside the original strip.
  • The only printed title present in the 1992 version is Death's Head!. However, the common title High Noon Tex for the story evokes multiple connotations:
    • the most obvious origin is Death's Head words, "High noon, Tex!", before blowing Tex up;
    • an Oscar-winning 1952 film High Noon with Gary Cooper is a western, in line with Tex's attire;
    • this movie's theme song, "The Ballad of High Noon" was sung by Tex Ritter and, incidentally, has a second title, based on the line "Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darlin’", which matches the title of another, later comic story with Death's Head.
  • The character of Tex shares the name and accessories (hat and neckerchief) with the namesake character from Marvel prime universe.
  • Despite the imprecise credits in TIDH 1, this strip was drawn by Bryan Hitch.[1]
  • The strip itself does not mention Scarvix or specifies time or place of action.

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