Dean Howard, later Dean Lethbridge-Stewart, was the husband of Conall Lethbridge-Stewart.

Dean met Conall at university in 2011, and the two began dating. Dean was studying Economics. They had their second date at Pizza Express and talked about potential marriage and maybe even adopting a child, should their relationship develop that far. (PROSE: Acceptance, and then Understanding)

By November 2017, Dean and Conall were married and lived together in London. Conall was a lawyer, and Dean an economic advisor. They had an adopted daughter, Hannah Lethbridge-Stewart. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence)

Dean, Conall and Hannah visited Conall's family in Ogmore-by-Sea for Christmas 2017. (PROSE: The Christmas Cracker Conundrum!)

During the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, Dean work as an Economic Advisor to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. He got a job at Tesco Extra to help other people. (PROSE: Home Invasion)

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