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Dead Woman Walking was the fourth story of the tenth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series.

Publisher's summary[]

The Doctor's meddling has taken a tremendous emotional toll on Ace over their many adventures. However, this time, it may just cost her life.

Landing in the middle of a civil war, the Doctor hoped to discreetly meddle and then slip away unnoticed. Instead, he's managed to infect Ace with an organic bomb. A bomb with a most unusual trigger.

If Ace dies, so does the planet.


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  • The Seventh Doctor says he "had no wish to die in a street in a hail of gunfire." He would later regenerate due to being caught in the middle of a gang shootout and getting himself shot. (TV: Doctor Who)
  • The Doctor says "I'm sorry" and "I'm really so sorry" to Ace when he believes she is going to die and there is nothing he can do to save her. His tenth incarnation would later commonly use the phrase "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry", in similar circumstances. (TVThe Age of SteelArmy of GhostsSilence in the Library)
  • The Doctor uses the focused thoughts of the entire planet to kill the parasitic worms. Martha Jones also used the combined psychic energy of the people of Earth to recharge the Tenth Doctor. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

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