Dead Ringers is a British radio and television comedy impressions show. Originally airing from 2000 to 2007, the series returned to BBC Radio 4 in 2014. The show regularly parodies several incarnations of the Doctor.

Jon Culshaw plays multiple Doctors on Dead Ringers, most notably the Fourth and Tenth.

Phil Cornwell parodied the Ninth Doctor in a sketch entitled Christmas Day at Doctor Who's. In the spoof, Christopher Eccleston comes home to his family, die-hard Star Trek fans, and has to admit to them that he is going to play the next Doctor. And the end of the sketch, he agrees to only do one year to appease his bitter relatives.

In another sketch, the Tenth Doctor discusses the problems spending Christmas with your past incarnations. The Second, Fourth, Seventh and Ninth Doctors sit in front of the TV declaring several famous people such as Cat Deeley and the Queen as aliens. They give each other presents, mostly unwanted. The Tenth Doctor brings out a turkey covered in tin foil, which frightens the Second Doctor, as all his villains were made from tin foil. The Tenth Doctor wants to watch something good on TV, while the Ninth calls his successor poncy. The Fourth Doctor laments that the party is duller the dark side of the planet Aurelia, and then spikes the punch, laughing sinisterly. After the party, the Tenth Doctor, drunk, says his previous selves were not bad people and that they like him. He staggers away, with a sign on his back saying "exterminate me".

David Tennant appeared in the sketch Tony Blair Regenerates for the series finale of the television show, where he portrays a new incarnation of outgoing prime minister Tony Blair (played by Culshaw).

More recently, the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors have been parodied on the sketch series, sometimes together with their companions, like Clara Oswald, Bill Potts or Graham O'Brien. The Daleks have also made multiple appearances in the series, all the way back to 2000.

Nev Fountain is one of the main writers for Dead Ringers. He and Culshaw were credited together on Dead Ringers meets Doctor Who (2003), in which Culshaw again played the Fourth Doctor.

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