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Dead Media was the ninth story of the ninth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series. It featured the Twelfth Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

Like everyone else in 2017, the Doctor is doing a podcast.

Named the 'People of St Lukes', the podcast is about the everyday lives of students at the university. Only, with the Doctor involved, the everyday is dangerous and extraordinary.

Something's lurking in the A/V department, something that is trapped in old equipment... as the Doctor quickly discovers, outdated technology does have a role in the modern world.

That role? Ending it.


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  • Petra belongs to the A/V club, which is located in Building D.
  • The Doctor names this episode of the podcast, which he is presenting, "The Monster at the End of This Podcast". This is in tribute to a children's picture book which would become a major religion in the 2020s.
  • The Doctor used to have a tape deck, but he thinks that it was blown up by Ace, or possibly by Cybermen.
  • The St Luke's University library once turned invisible for three days. The Doctor claims not to be entirely responsible.
  • The Doctor mentions that Nardole has taken the TARDIS to see ABBA at Eurovision 1974.
  • The Doctor refers to the trapped creature as a trans-dimensional cassette being, though he hopes to come up with a better name later.
  • The Doctor and Petra are chased out into the St Luke's quadrangle.
  • The Doctor advertises Debbie's Kebab Chalet as part of the podcast.
  • The Doctor captures the creature with a Polaroid photograph.
  • While explaining waveforms to the listener, the Doctor references Joy Division.
  • Petra compares the Doctor's plan to "turning the world into a pair of noise-cancelling headphones".
  • The alternate Petra has a degree in quantum physics. She mentions the observer effect and the Weizmann experiment.



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