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Daylight Savings was a video diary released as a download by BBV Productions on their new website in 2021. It was a crossover between P.R.O.B.E. and Faction Paradox, and was later incorporated into the P.R.O.B.E. Case Files - Volume 2 DVD release.

Publisher's summary[]

The worlds of PROBE and Faction Paradox clash in this crossover from BBV Productions.


When Maxie Masters' time detector seems to pick up temporal anomalies around the Bank of London, Giles phones Scotland Yard to "give them a heads' up". Sure enough, the police capture a man who wasn't showing up on the security camera footage — a member of Faction Paradox by the name of Cousin Perdix. Deeming the suspect "too weird", they then call P.R.O.B.E. back, asking that they handle the interrogation instead of the conventional forces. Before Giles heads out for that meeting, however, he sits down to record a video diary. Just after he's completed it, time seems to wind back as history is rewritten by Perdix.

In a second iteration of the recording of the same video diary for the 28th of March, 2021, Giles now reports on a state of investigation where the strange temporal activity has not been pinpointed to the Bank of London. However, even in this timeline, Maxie still manages to link the broad locations of the abnormal temporal activity with sightings of "people in black robes wearing skull masks". The eyewitness accounts of these people describe them as being in the process of performing "some sort of ritual". Tasha goes to investigate in the field, only for time to be wound back again.

In the third account Giles gives of the day's investigations, the time detector is "going haywire" and Maxie concludes that "structural changes in the fabric of Time" are being performed. Once again realising that the Faction Paradox is involved, Maxie theorises, since daylight savings is coming up that very night, that the Faction are performing a ritual to acquire the hour that Londoners will lose to daylight savings. Once he learns that this is what's afoot, Giles is reluctant to get involved, noting that he fears this would make P.R.O.B.E. the pawns of a higher power. However, he does agree to send Az into the field to check things out, hoping that Az's supernatural sense for "whether things aren't quite right" will yield something useful.

Time is altered yet again, and in the final version of the report, an astounded Giles remarks on how nothing whatsoever of note has happened in the week — except that one of Maxie's devices, something called a "time detector", went missing earlier, and that Maxie now has a splitting headache.





Story notes[]

  • This was the first video work to involve Faction Paradox in a licensed context, although they are not depicted in live-action, instead appearing only in static illustrations and through Giles's narration.
  • An older version of Cousin Perdix appeared many years prior as "Father Perdix" in an unlicensed Faction Paradox short story by James Hornby, published on the Faction Paradox fan website The Stack as part of The Apocryphal History of Faction Paradox.


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