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Day of the Tune was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2015.


The Twelfth Doctor and Clara materialise on Planet Karaoke. At first Clara is incredulous that a planet is named after a type of entertainment from Earth, but the Doctor scolds her for assuming that humans invented karaoke. He tells Clara to "go sing songs" while he fixes the friction contrafibulator.

Clara asks the Doctor if he ever had musical ambitions, and he replies, "Just once.". He has a flashback to when his first four incarnations formed a band. The band ran into a problem when they all wanted to be the drummer.

Clara leaves the TARDIS, saying, "Four Doctors? I'd pay good money to see that!" The Doctor, unaware that Clara has left, tells Clara to wait a few minutes before singing because he's about to shut off the TARDIS, which will also turn off the translation circuits. After realising that Clara didn't hear him, the Doctor tells himself that everything will probably go fine.




  • The Doctor recalls once playing Glastonbury with Orbital. Matt Smith performed the Doctor Who theme on stage with the band in 2010.
  • The title is a play on the title of the television story Day of the Moon.
  • Clara's reference to paying to see four Doctors is a play on the comic story of the same name, which would begin being published the following month. She even looks directly at the reader when she says it.

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