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Day of the Master was the third and final story in the audio anthology Ravenous 4, produced by Big Finish Productions.

As well as bringing together multiple incarnations of the Master, this story both explained and depicted the genesis of the Ravenous, inadvertently caused by the ancient Time Lord engineer Artron, as well as their end, by Artron's own command, as he returns them to their Kolstani forms.

By visiting Artron around the time of his discovery of artron energy, and before the start of the Rassilon Era, this story depicts Time Lord history at an early point in their history along with Collision Course, which featured the first prototype TARDIS while this one features a fleet of battle TARDISes placing it afterwards.

Liv Chenka and all others within the same time zone temporarily gain the ability to regenerate, like Time Lords, but indefinitely, and without changing form. The man who granted Helen's wish in Fairytale of Salzburg is also revealed to have been Artron.

With regards to the Master's timeline, Day of the Master finally explains how the maniacal Time Lord's twelfth and final regeneration, once more in decay, managed to acquire a new regeneration cycle. Three incarnations of the Master watch as he regenerates into a familiar body.

The Eleven is also depicted regenerating into his next form, the Twelve, after sustaining killing blows from all three Masters.

Publisher's summary[]

The Doctor investigates a mystery in the vortex, Liv follows the trail of their enemy, and Helen searches for a god. Everywhere they go there is a Master or Mistress, but is the Doctor's oldest enemy there to hinder them, or to help? With the TARDIS crew scattered and lost, only a miracle can save the universe. And for that to happen someone is going to have to die.


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  • In Artron's time, Rassilon is still experimenting with regeneration.
  • When working out his identity, Liv believes the War Master to be an incarnation of the Eleven, guessing he is the Twelve, the Thirteen, the Four, or the Six, in that order.
  • The Doctor thinks Missy could be an incarnation of the Rani, saying that the Master and the Rani have worked together in the past.
  • When the War Master suggests wiping the "Bruce" Master's mind and throwing him into the vortex, Missy mentions River Song, and states that she wouldn't object to trying her methods of mind wiping on the "Bruce" Master.
  • The Doctor briefly assures himself he has no need to regenerate, and then wonders if he is still fit to do so after his attack from the Ravenous.


  • Regarding the War Master and Missy being in Ravenous 4, Dorney said there would be no amnesia involved.[1] Indeed, the Doctor never meets them in person, nor does he learn they are future incarnations of the Master. Although Liv describes the War Master, and identifies him by name, the description is sufficiently vague for the Doctor to muse that it could be any Master, while Helen only ever discovers Missy is a Time Lady who knew the Doctor, leaving the Doctor to theorise that she may be the Rani.


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