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Day of Reckoning was the fifth and final story in the Daleks! animation series. It was released on 10 December 2020 on the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel as part of the Time Lord Victorious series.


The Dalek Emperor and Strategist return to Skaro to make a final stand against their enemies. Where do the Strategist's loyalties lie?


A battered Dalek saucer crashes on Skaro and the Dalek Emperor and Prime Strategist emerge. They enter the empty City and reactivate it. The Mechanoids transmat into the City, led by the Queen and 2150, and are met by the Emperor. He reveals that he and the Strategist are not the last Daleks and numerous Silver Daleks emerge. The Mechanoids and Daleks fight, with the Queen and 2150 retreating, as the Emperor delights in the sight. 2150 speculates that more Daleks escaped Skaro than they had believed, with more coming from bunkers that the Entity didn't reach.

The Queen and 2150 track down the Strategist, who explains the Mechanoids were deceived so they would fight the Entity. They offer to make him the new Emperor and he agrees. They escort him through the battlefield into a building, prompting the Emperor to declare betrayal. The Strategist and 2150 use the City's beam projector, intending to send the Emperor to the Entity's dimension. As the portal opens above the battle, the Queen proclaims that the Daleks are finished. At the last minute the Strategist claims he needs to alter the beam to send more rivals through. He actually modifies it to pull the Mechanoids through the portal to 2150's horror.

The Emperor congratulates the Strategist on his plan to destroy two enemies of the Daleks, though notes that superior beings are harder to manipulate. As they examine the battlefield, the Entity speaks through a damaged Mechanoid. It teases the Daleks that they have no idea what is coming.




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