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Day Zero was the third audio story in God Among Us 3.

Publisher's summary[]

They've been warning about it for ages. Poisonous mould in the water supply. But it's finally got out of hand. It's day zero – the day Cardiff runs out of drinking water.

As people start fighting over the last remaining supplies, the Disaster Recovery Committee takes drastic action. Because there's one place that still has clean water. And Torchwood will do anything to stop them from getting it.


In Ritz Tower, Colin and Tyler are making plans for the camp when they realise that the leaky tap has gone quiet and that there is no longer any water. Colin says that it is Day Zero. Faye reports on the scene.

Andy watches Faye on the television and says that whoever leaked the report to her would be fired. Yvonne arrives and offers help, but he refuses and tells her that Torchwood needs to keep its distance.

Ng and Mr Colchester go to Cardiff Bay, claiming to be with Water Wales, to test the water for poisonous mould. Outside the Disaster Recovery Committee building, Yvonne is approached by Jack and ends up giving a poorly-received speech to the protesters. They flee from a security guard. Sal informs Andy that the DRC's supply of water has been stolen.

Colin is called by Tyler, who tells him that the DRC are ignoring him and that Crisis React are unable to help due to a quarantine order. Colin checks on Orr. They give him fresh water from a tap and the two of them begin bottling it and allowing people access, but a man angrily pushes his way to the front of the queue. Sal leaks the existence of the water to Faye and Colin realises that Orr is "magicking" the water. They are harmed when the people burst the pipes.

Yvonne enters a café and meets God, who tells her that she is in the right place in the right time and encourages her to go on.

Andy arrives at Ritz Tower with DRC soldiers to take control of the water source, much to Ng and Mr Colchester's consternation. Yvonne goes to the DRC building to find Andy but instead finds Sal, who is preparing to leave, and asks her for the keys to her car so that she can get to Ritz Tower. A boy at the camp pulls out a gun and is shot by a security guard, as is Jack, who does not revive. The sight of the two of them being taken to the hospital changes Faye's perspective on the situation.

Andy has his men search the building for the water. Mr Colchester sneaks in and bumps into Tyler, who tells him that he was the one who brought him back. Orr struggles to keep making water and finally decides to stop doing so due to the actions of the humans. They make it start raining, which prompts God to dismiss Alice and prepare for something.

Yvonne is arrested on Andy's orders despite having told him where God was. The boy and Jack are both reported dead and Andy fires Sal and arrests God. Colin feels what Orr is feeling, making him realise how awful people have been, and Orr tells him that the people are no longer feeding on them but on the world. They refuse to help them any longer.




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