PC Dawn Stratton was a Cardiff police officer. She became Andy Davidson's partner in 2009.


Dawn and Andy were called to a disturbance at a student house on Gabalfa Road in which a young girl had been bitten. The perpetrator had been locked in the cellar of the property. While attempting to handcuff the man, Dawn was bitten on the hand.

Dawn knew there was something wrong with him, noting that she had seen corpses which had looked healthier. Leaving the house, the officers were met with the sight of carnage - zombies feasting on people in the road. She grabbed Andy by the arm and they ran back to the car.

With Dawn's condition worsening to the point that she was losing consciousness, Andy attempted to get her to St Helen's Hospital but was unable to do so. Andy decided to take Dawn back to Cardiff's Central Police Headquarters, where she could be examined by a doctor. Almost running down Sophie Gould on the way, Andy offered her a lift. He arrived at Police HQ with Dawn and Sophie to find the building under siege and, with the dead closing in, quickly sped away.


Dawn was mentally strong, able to continue in her duty even after suffering an injury, although she still feared for her wellbeing. She didn't appreciate being mollycoddled. She was sensible in the face of danger, telling Andy that they needed back-up before they could think about helping anyone. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


Dawn had pale green eyes. During the time of her infection, she was pale and sweating, with dark circles around her eyes. A stained red tea towel was wrapped around her injured hand.

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