Dawn 1027 was a part of the larger 10,000 Dawns, presided over by the Firmament.

The universe itself took the shape of a Picard Horn, as did all of the 10,000 Dawns.

History[edit | edit source]

The Superiors, who believed that the Firmament had broken the Christmas Needle Agreement, amassed thousands of Cwejen underneath the surface of Dawn 1027's version of Earth, in preparation for their invasion.

Two Grigori, Larles and Kwol, rebelled against their planet, destroying it with chaos matter. They then head to Earth, and they destroy Great Britain.

After Chris Cwej had found himself falling out of the Totality, he awoke in a reporter's body in Washington DC, where a fellow reporter tries to talk to him but he ignored her. He then listened in on the President, learning of what had become of their version of Great Britain.

He decided not to help this version of Earth, and instead focus on getting back to the Vicinity, but after seeing the horrific events unfold via a news broadcast, he decided to help.

Washington DC was the next target of Larles and Kwol, and they began to destroy the city. Chris teleported himself underground, and steals one of the Superiors' spaceships, piloting it to Larles and Kwol's ship. He located them, but he saw that they themselves weren't in their right mind, and he got them to help him salvage what's left of this Earth.

Several years later, after thousands of humans have been transported to the Democratic Saturnian Entanglement, Lady Aesculapius gave Chris, Larles, and Kwol a ride back to the Totality. (PROSE: A Bright White Crack)

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