Davros Genesis was a short story in Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe.

Summary[edit | edit source]

During the Thousand Year War on the planet Skaro, the Kaled general Ravon is escorted by security chief Nyder to see Davros' latest project, implanting organic brains in mechanical shells to create intelligent warrior robots.

Entering, Ravon sneers at the crippled technician, ordering to see his prototype. Calling for his assistant Gharman, Davros' sole functioning casing lumbers in, an unwieldy unresponsive mess that clearly strikes fear in Ravon.

Once the casing is taken away, Davros is informed that he has only weeks to present a fully functional squadron of his robots. Inspired by Ravon's fear, Davros chooses to capitalise on it in his presentation. Rather than a full squadron, only one Dalek prototype is to be completed. The remainder of their resources will be focused on their other project: Davros himself.

And when the next inspection comes, Davros enters in a new wheelchair and the first operational Dalek drone. Though bluffing about the Dalek's capabilities and how many he has, the fear it inspires in Ravon and Nyder is more than enough for them to surrender any and all resources he needs for his project.

Years later, destiny played out and Davros met the Fourth Doctor as bemused by his prisoner's bohemian appearance as the Time Lord was stunned by the Daleks' resemblance to their father.

It was the first time the two foes met but it would not be the last.

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