Davros Connections is a documentary which covers and discusses Davros' life. It is narrated by Davros actor Terry Molloy and features excerpts from televised stories and audio plays. CGI scenes of the audio plays were created for the documentary.

The documentary was first available in The Complete Davros Collection and the re-release special edition DVD of Remembrance of the Daleks.

Interviews[edit | edit source]

Writers and actors discuss the life, motives and actions of Davros throughout the televised stories and audio plays. The subjects speculate about his death. Some of the answers refer to events in the television stories.

Davros Connections features I, Davros writer Gary Hopkins, Big Finish Productions producer/director Gary Russell and archival interview with Michael Wisher who first played Davros. Peter Miles, who played Nyder, director Ken Grieve, David Gooderson, the second actor to play Davros, script editor Eric Saward, Terry Molloy, the third actor to play Davros and writers Joseph Lidster and Ben Aaronovitch also appear.

CGI[edit | edit source]

The CGI portions of the documentary highlight events from Davros' life, such as the creation of the first Dalek. The scenes were adapted from an I, Davros episode and Davros.

Excerpts[edit | edit source]

The documentary uses excerpts from the televised stories and audio plays to highlight events/scenarios discussed by the interviewees. Below are the televised stories and audio plays used.

Television episodes[edit | edit source]

Audio stories[edit | edit source]

Animation was made by Daniel Reed and Rob Semenoff to accompany most of the following audio extracts. Notably, they showed the design of the Mark I Travel Machine.

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