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In a parallel universe where the Thals and Kaleds lived in peace on Skaro for centuries, Davros was a scientist of transdimensional engineering, as was his Thal wife, Charn.

Initially, Davros did not create any Daleks due to the Thousand Year War of the N-Space Skaro not occurring on this universe's Skaro. However, when Davros began the final tests on a transdimensional portal that he and Charn had spent decades creating, he accidentally allowed the Dalek Time Strategist to cross into his universe. Despite the efforts of the Eighth Doctor and Bliss, the Time Strategist succeeded in transforming Davros into a fusion of Davros's numerous selves from throughout the multiverse. As Davros's original personality was slowly erased in favour of a fusion of his alternate selves, Davros and the Dalek Time Strategist allied to resurrect the Daleks of N-Space through a similar process, annihilating the Skaro of Davros' universe and eventually breaking back into N-Space to resume the Last Great Time War.

After an altercation with the newly-resurrected Dalek Emperor sparked a brief civil conflict amongst the Daleks, Davros was placed into stasis, as the Emperor believed that he would be useful in the Time War.


Creating the dimensional portal[]

Davros spent several years of his life studying transdimensional engineering and attempting to construct a dimensional portal. At some point, he learnt the "legend" of his universe's Time Lords' destruction after they tried to wipe out the early Kaleds, thereby starting the centuries of peace between the Kaleds and the Thals. Eventually, he met Charn, and they married each other. Charn assisted Davros in the later calculations necessary to construct the dimensional portal, and after several decades, the couple had completed the portal. Having already shown the portal to their friends, Davros and Charn began fully activating the dimensional portal to ensure that they were ready to publicly unveil the portal to the media and their investors.

Experiencing time backwards[]

Day 5[]

Four days after first activating the dimensional portal, Davros and Charn checked the portal in its lab while eating breakfast, but as they began returning to their house, the couple encountered the Eighth Doctor, who frantically told them that Bliss was waiting for them and that they were in immediate danger. Davros, unaware of who the Doctor was or what he was referring to, dismissed him as a lunatic and shut the Doctor out of the lab. Davros then attempted to call the police, but his communicator malfunctioned. Seconds later, numerous bronze Daleks attacked the lab and confronted Davros and Charn, although Bliss was able to attack the Daleks with a Dalek gunstick as the trio escaped to the dimensional portal. Inside, the Doctor activated the portal, but was exterminated, along with Bliss and Charn, by the Daleks. Although Davros fled through the dimensional portal, the Daleks simultaneously destroyed it, sending him back along his own timeline.

Day 4[]

Waking up in bed with Charn three days after first activating the portal, Davros initially dismissed the Dalek attack on his lab as a nightmare, only to realise from Charn that he had travelled back in time. Davros and Charn then ate breakfast and watched the news, which was reporting that several Thal districts had been annihilated. Answering a knock at the door, Davros encountered the Doctor and Bliss again, who had no memory of the Dalek attack on Davros' lab. Confused, Davros angrily ordered the Doctor and Bliss to leave, dismissing recent events as a dream within a dream. Convincing Charn to leave the city for the day, their hovercar was stuck in a traffic jam on a bridge. Remembering Charn's commentary about "some sort of accident on the bridge" on the news yesterday, Davros began to recognise the Daleks as they moved to attack the bridge.

Day 3[]

Upon waking up in bed again with Charn in his house, Davros nervously believed that the Doctor and Bliss would arrive, only to instead seek them out at the Gallow's Inn. At the Gallow's Inn, Davros explained his situation to the Doctor and Bliss, and the trio drove to the ruins of the Thal districts destroyed by the Daleks earlier that day. Finding active Dalek units, the three followed them to a factory owned by the Davros Foundation. Outside the factory, the Doctor, Bliss and Davros witnessed the arrival of Davros' future self - mistaking him for the Davros of N-Space - who greeted the returning Daleks and ordered them to prepare further. Knowing that they could not confront the Daleks without a proper plan, the Doctor, Bliss and Davros began to leave, but Davros theorised that, based on his experiences of the past two days, if he were to die again, he would wake up on the day before the Dalek attacks on the Thal districts, granting the trio enough time to infiltrate Davros' factory and stop the Daleks. Despite the Doctor's protests, Bliss agreed to exterminate Davros with a gunstick, sending Davros back in time once again.

Day 2[]

Davros awoke again in bed with Charn in his house, and quickly left for the Gallow's Inn, much to Charn's distress. At the inn, Davros explained his situation to the Doctor and Bliss again, and the trio travelled to Davros' factory. However, despite sneaking in via a backdoor, the Doctor, Bliss and Davros were confronted by a group of partially-reconstructed Daleks, who exterminated the Doctor and Bliss and ordered Davros to follow. Davros was confronted by his future self, who pretended to be the Davros of N-Space, and revealed to Davros' past self that the "legends" of his universe's Time Lords were fact. Davros' future self also lied to his past self that the Doctor, a Time Lord from N-Space, had wiped out the Kaleds of N-Space and intended to do the same to the Kaleds of Davros's universe. Despite his confusion, Davros agreed to being exterminated by the Daleks so as to go back in time again and stop the Doctor and Bliss from travelling through his dimensional portal in the first place.

Day 1[]

Davros awoke in bed with Charn in his house once again, and swiftly checked on the portal. When the Doctor and Bliss began to cross through the portal, Davros, choosing to believe the words of his future self, destroyed the portal, despite Charn's protests.

The multidimensional fusion[]

Day 1[]

Awaking in bed with Charn again, Davros initially believed that he had successfully restored the timeline, as time began moving forwards again. However, upon testing the portal again to be sure, the Dalek Time Strategist crossed through. After hiding the Time Strategist from Charn, Davros learnt from the Time Strategist that the latter had crossed over from the Doctor's universe immediately before "one of his many incarnations" erased the Daleks from history, and that the Time Strategist had been actively scouring the multiverse for an alternative Davros' assistance after the Davros of N-Space was "lost". Believing the Time Strategist's lies, Davros agreed to the Dalek's plan of fusing echoes of alternate universes to that of Davros via his portal, thereby allowing the Daleks to be restored by fusing the Daleks' alternate universe selves from across the multiverse with the Kaleds of Davros' universe; in exchange, Davros would be able to make the Daleks more peaceful.

Davros wired the Dalek Time Strategist's mutant body into his portal, and, as the alternate universe echoes began fusing with Davros' universe, Davros began to merge with his alternate universe selves. After losing the ability to feel his legs, Davros fell unconscious, just as the Doctor and Bliss crossed through the portal.

Day 2[]

Davros begins to fuse with his alternate universe selves. (AUDIO: Palindrome)

One day later, Davros awoke in the Davros Foundation's factory, having begun to fuse with echoes of every Davros from across the multiverse; he was now confined to a similar life-support chair that his N-Space counterpart used, and used an artificial eye to see, as he had gone blind in his natural eyes. After a partially-reconstructed Dalek explained Davros' condition to him, Davros followed the Dalek to the Dalek Time Strategist, who explained that due to the ongoing multidimensional fusion, the Davros Foundation's factory were mass-producing Daleks across infinite universes. Whilst struggling between his original personality and those of his alternate selves, Davros then remembered that his past self would attempt to break into the factory with the Doctor and Bliss in mere hours, and arranged a trap to ensure that the past Davros would bring his future self into existence.

Day 3[]

Awakening to a lack of organic vision, Davros discovered that the Daleks continued to advance. To test the Daleks, Davros sent them to attack several of Skaro's Thal districts. With the army gone however, Davros was left unguarded when the Doctor and Bliss ambushed him who had no memory of being exterminated. The Doctor attempted to sway Davros to his side to no avail while the Kaled accidentally revealed the Strategist's plan to the Doctor but that he sought to make the Daleks a force of good. When Bliss forced Davros to confront that the Daleks were murderers, she and the Doctor were able to reignite his memories of Charn. As the personality of his alternate selves reasserted themselves, the Doctor and Bliss fled with Davros ordering their extermination upon the Daleks' return. As the army returned, Davros confessed to the Strategist that he did not know who to trust before he retired for the night.

Day 4[]

As his relationship with the Strategist began to decay, Davros ordered the Daleks to attack the bridges leading out of the Thal districts before the Daleks showed him a message for him sent by Charn, pleading for his return and promising to destroy the increasingly out of control portal. Gathering a small force of Daleks, Davros returned to his home to defend the portal only to find Bliss waiting for him. Davros then boldly identified himself to Charn only for Bliss to force him to the portal which the human intended to destroy. First turning her gunstick on Davros however, Bliss discovered that he could not be killed when the Doctor arrived, explaining that no one could die as the merging of realities included timelines where they all lived. When the Doctor elaborated that this extended to the portal, Davros laughed at his victory before the Daleks arrived to rescue their creator. Despite exterminating Charn, the Daleks failed to kill the Doctor and Bliss who managed to escape back to N-Space.

Day 5[]

With the merging complete, Davros accompanied the Daleks to destroy the portal, first overseeing the execution of his past self, before he swore that "tomorrow was another day" to continue the restoration of the Daleks. (AUDIO: Palindrome)

The Daleks did stabilise in the end, but The Doctor and Bliss managed to escape to N-Space where they warned the Time Lords. (AUDIO: Dreadshade)

Arrival in N-Space[]

His usefulness all but ended, Davros was sent ahead to N-Space. Arriving in N-Space via the Gulf of Ithon and landing on the planet Cosca, Davros established himself in the royal court. As "Sir Davros", he began converting the planet's 40,000 inhabitants into the ultimate warrior - a cybernetic gestalt which their queen's mind would guide. He was visited periodically by the Time Strategist which drained dimensional energy and harvested genetic material from him to continue the restoration of the Daleks through the power of the Multiverse, connecting to all the other Davroses and summoning all the Daleks that they would create. The Doctor and Bliss arrived on Cosca and discovered Davros, with him attempting to convert Bliss into a new warrior until being interrupted by the Time Strategist again. The Doctor drove the Time Strategist away, being pulled into its wormhole in the process, leaving Davros with Bliss who held him at gunpoint and informed Cardinal Rasmus. As the Daleks, now led by a resurrected Dalek Emperor to Davros' fury, advanced on Cosca, Rasmus came to take Davros into custody. Davros made Rasmus an offer, demonstrating his new warriors by sending them against the Daleks, and claimed that he would give this power to the Time Lords. Rasmus briefly considered the offer, however the Doctor contacted him and Bliss telling them to abandon Davros to the Daleks. They did so, using Davros' equipment to revert his warriors back to normal as they fled, and the Daleks captured Davros.

As the Doctor had anticipated, Davros was brought before the Emperor who demanded his obedience. Davros defied the Emperor, instigating a schism among the Daleks present over who of the two should lead them. A small-scale civil war erupted, in which the Emperor eventually prevailed. Believing Davros may still be of some use in the Time War, the Dalek Emperor decided to have him stored on Falkus, though with the loss of the Time Strategist's dimensional enclave Davros was now dimensionally unstable. (AUDIO: Restoration of the Daleks)


In sharp contrast to most versions of himself, Davros was originally a kind man who sought peace and held no desire to do harm to the Thals. However, like all Kaleds of his reality, he feared the Time Lords, given the legends of them, and began to distrust the Doctor once he learnt the Doctor was one. As realities began to merge however, Davros began to act like his other selves, displaying a hatred for all non-Kaled and non-Dalek life and steadily forgetting his own past. (AUDIO: Palindrome)

By the time he had arrived in N-Space, Davros' own personality had been completely subsumed by that of his alternate selves. Like his N-Space counterpart, he had great disdain for the Dalek Emperor, viewing him as an upstart who had not earned the right to rule the Daleks and extended his experimentations to evolving other lifeforms. Much like his unbound self, he was willing to work towards the Daleks' defeat, offering the Time Lords his services, yet retained his N-Space's self desire to be of use to the Daleks. (AUDIO: Restoration of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes[]

The image of actor Terry Molloy used to portray Davros prior to the reality merger appears to be the same as that used on the cover of AUDIO: The Beginning, in which Molloy voiced Stoyn.