In a parallel universe, Davros was a Kaled scientist who was responsible for the creation of the Daleks. He was crippled after being attacked by an alien force that was later revealed to have been the Quatch. He left Skaro due to his disappointment in his creations. He willingly went to the Quatch when they invited him to help augment their own technology, and saw that the race had far more potential than his own Daleks.

When he encountered the Dalek Supreme leading Skaro, Davros was disgusted and furious with how his creations had misinterpreted his desires for them to become the supreme beings. He was furious that the Daleks were protecting the Thals instead of killing them.

However, after the Doctor revealed that the Quatch were responsible for his crippled state, Davros betrayed them by remotely sabotaging the systems that kept the Quatch in this dimension, the resulting destruction killing him as well. (AUDIO: Masters of War)

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