David Walliams (born 20 August 1971[1][2]) played Gibbis in the Doctor Who story The God Complex and provided the voices of Quincy Flowers and Ned Cotton for the Big Finish Productions audio Phantasmagoria.

In 1999, Walliams appeared in and wrote with friend Mark Gatiss for three mini-episodes that parodied Doctor Who: The Web of Caves, The Kidnappers (which also featured Peter Davison) and The Pitch of Fear (in which he played Sydney Newman).

He also played one of his characters from Come Fly With Me, alongside Matt Lucas in a 2010 BBC Christmas ident featuring a Dalek from the new Dalek Paradigm. He also appeared as himself as a Prime Minister in the 2012 BBC Christmas ident titled It's Showtime.

He later wrote and starred in a Doctor Who skit for Walliams and Friend.

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Walliams is better known for his professional partnership with Matt Lucas and for writing and starring in their Little Britain franchise, which was narrated by Tom Baker and also involved Anthony Head and Paul Putner. He has claimed to be a Doctor Who "enthusiast" and got Baker to work on the series because he is such a devotee of the Fourth Doctor.[3] He has also written many Doctor Who references into Little Britain, such as when he played a character named Matthew Waterhouse.[4]

Walliams' other appearances include the comedies Spaced and Look Around You. His most recent collaboration with Matt Lucas, Come Fly With Me, beat A Christmas Carol in the Christmas 2010 ratings.

David Walliams also writes children's books, which have collectively sold more than 12.5 million copies. In his first main children's novel The Boy in the Dress, there are two references to Doctor Who, the first being when the main character Dennis is asked to try on a dress for the first time, and feels like a Doctor Who companion about to step into the TARDIS for the first time, and the second being when Dennis reminds his brother John about when they used to run around their garden pretending to be Daleks (and Spiderman).

In his eighth main children's novel Grandpa's Great Ecscape, kids dress up as Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans using costumes stolen from a Doctor Who exhibition, and pretend that there is an alien invasion of Earth.

In one of his books, Boastful Barnabas, which is a short story in World's Worst Children 3, all of the teachers are named after actors who played the Doctor. For example, there is a Mr Baker, a Mr Pertwee, a Mr Tennant and a Mr Davison. The actors' names are Tom (or Colin) Baker (Tom Baker being the Fourth Doctor and Colin Baker being the Sixth Doctor) , Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) , David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) and Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor).

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