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David Richardson is a producer for Big Finish Productions. He took over from Sharon Gosling in 2007 and has been the credited producer on the majority of their output ever since. Before that he was a writer for Doctor Who Magazine.

One of his first actions was to take over the already pre-existing Companion Chronicles range. During his tenure on this range, which ran until its regular releases concluded in 2014 he created a startlingly distinctive range of stories with often only two voices in the cast. The opportunity to create stories about the first three Doctors was well and truly seized and all the surviving companion actors returned to contribute to the series save for Jackie Lane. Richardson particularly made no secret of the fact he was especially pleased to have Jean Marsh return to the role of Sara Kingdom and these stories along with those featuring Steven Taylor and Zoe Heriot became real highlights of the series. It is also notable that the Companion Chronicles were able to go one stage further and create a new companion for the First Doctor in the shape of Oliver Harper played by Tom Allen. Other notable releases include the UNIT Vault stories featuring both Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso as two new characters and the Quadrigger Stoyn Trilogy starting with the 50th Anniversary release The Beginning which featured the original escape from Gallifrey by the First Doctor and Susan. Since 2014 Richardson has handed over producing duties to Ian Atkins for the special volumes featuring companions from the first two Doctors.


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