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David Fisher was a boy who lived with his family. His parents mostly ignored him, focusing their attention on his sister, Kirsty.

David became involved with a gang of boys from school. They were smoking cigarettes near Mr Golieweski's newsagent shop when David first noticed the Seventh Doctor. The Doctor was staring at a sign advertising a meeting of a flying-saucer-watching society. Nigel, the leader of the gang, goaded David into buying more cigarettes in the shop. As he was negotiating the sale, he was unnerved by Ace watching him.

At home, David mentioned the flying-saucer people to Kirsty, not knowing that she would sneak out the next day to attend the meeting.

The next day, the gang broke into a mausoleum to vandalise it. Once again, Nigel goaded David into going first. When they were all inside and breaking things, they heard a noise. The other boys ran, but David did not, and was confronted by the Doctor.

Returning to his friends, David was once again sent to get cigarettes, this time to steal them since it appeared that the shop was closed and Mr Golieweski was not in. David went in, carrying a hammer, and stepped on something soft — the Doctor's hand. He saw that an alien had taken over Mr Golieweski's body, and the Doctor urged David to run away. David ran and found his friends outside, and when the alien's people arrived to punish it, Nigel and the other boys ran off. After seeing Nigel run off screaming, David decided to have a talk with him the next day. (PROSE: Monsters)

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