Davey was one of the Bane who attempted to conquer Earth in 2008, serving the Bane Mother. Using an image translator device, he posed as a handsome looking PR officer for the Bubble Shock! factory in London and was under the command of Mrs Wormwood, another Bane.

As PR officer, Davey gave tours of the Bubble Shock! factory and scanned everyone who entered so their minds were copied and fed into the Archetype. Kelsey Hooper liked him, saying she visited the factory to see him. She called him "the muffin". After Kelsey set off the factory alarms with her mobile phone, angering the Bane Mother, he shut the factory down and got everyone out. He revealed to a frightened Kelsey that the creature was his Mother and ordered her taken to Mrs. Wormwood. He tried to find the other intruders, Sarah Jane Smith, Maria and the escaped Archetype, but was fooled by the apparent male custom not to enter the female toilets.


Davey returns defeated to Mrs Wormwood. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Wormwood sent Davey to assassinate Sarah Jane Smith, thinking she might pose a problem, ordering him to take Kelsey back to Bannerman Road as an excuse to gain access to the street. He was defeated when Sarah Jane defended herself and the group with repellent spray. The spray's contents were alien in origin. He was forced to leave Bannerman Road. On returning to the Bubble Shock factory, despite begging for another chance, he was given to the Bane Mother, who ate him. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Personality Edit

He was vain, arrogant and naive, believing he could hunt and kill Sarah Jane Smith with ease and was fooled by simple human customs. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

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