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Dave Martin (1 January 1935-30 March 2007[1]) was an accomplished television and film writer.

He contributed numerous scripts for the Doctor Who television series between 1971 and 1979 including:

For all of these, Martin collaborated with Bob Baker. Together they were nicknamed "the Bristol Boys" by the Doctor Who production teams with whom they worked.

Martin in 2000. (MM VHS 49)

Baker and Martin's most notable contributions to the Doctor Who mythos were probably the robot dog K9 (created for The Invisible Enemy) and the renegade Time Lord Omega (created for Doctor Who's tenth anniversary story, The Three Doctors).

They also worked together on the 1975 children's science fantasy television serials Sky and Into the Labyrinth.

In 1980, Dave Martin wrote all four books in The Adventures of K9 series. In 1986, he wrote two Find Your Fate novels, Search for the Doctor and The Garden of Evil. All six books were written as "David Martin".

Martin died on 30 March 2007. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer earlier in the year.

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