Dauntless Prison was a prison in London active circa 2050.

It was earlier known as the Tower of London. It was used by the Department to keep all the fallen angels who came to Earth. They were catalogued so if any alien committed a crime the Department would know whom to look for. Dauntless Prison was protected by CCPCs and hovering robots. Some people such as Jorjie Turner were appalled by the aliens' imprisonment and their treatment. It was governed by the human-Meron, Thorne. Two other Merons worked as scientists. The Merons took DNA from the prisoners for Project: Trojan. A Jixen in London went to the prison. He was tracked by K9 Mark 2 and his friends. They defeated the Jixen and set all the aliens free. The Department's actions were leaked to the media and the prison was shut down. (TV: Liberation)

Despite this, some aliens, such as a duo of Medes who were freed by June Turner, were still kept in other prisons. (TV: Alien Avatar)

Although the prison was shut down, the Tower of London itself lasted for centuries afterwards, at least until the 33rd century. (TV: The Beast Below)

The staff of the Prison included Thorne, two Merons and CCPCs.

The inmates of the Prison included Starkey, Darius Pike, Mr. Wiffy, Zephon, a Lochnessy Alien, a Jixen, a Geisha Alien and an Axon.

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