Due to the various temporal discrepancies in the 1970s and 1980s, a dating protocol was created by the United Nations for their files. It was established in January 1990 at a secret meeting in Geneva between Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Charles Crichton, and Amara Essy, (PROSE: The Enfolded Time) following an encounter between the Doctor and a displaced time traveller. (AUDIO: The Web of Time)

According to one account, the after-effects of a temporal shockwave which caused the 1960s to coincide with the 1970s continued to create inconsistent chronology for nearby time travellers after the Seventh Doctor dealt with the disturbance. He remarked that he'd always wondered how someone could have retired in the 1970s after having worked in the 1980s, and theorised that these after-effects were to blame. (AUDIO: The Split Infinitive) Another account, maintained by the Accord, claimed the Doctor himself was to blame, having caused the damage with his frequent visits to this time period in his faulty TARDIS. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)

Events covered by the protocol Edit

A number of events were filed as occurring at two different equally valid dates during the years covered by the protocol:

Behind the scenes Edit

The United Nations dating protocol is a reference to the UNIT dating controversy, a source of interest and argument among writers and fans.

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