Daryl Joyce is an illustrator whose work has appeared in a wide range of BBC-licensed publications. He was particularly active in the 2000s, offering freelance illustrations to most publishing concerns that have enjoyed an official BBC license to print Doctor Who material. His efforts have been particularly well-received by Doctor Who Magazine, the official BBC website and the various annual publications published by Panini Comics and BBC Books. He also worked on the classic story animations reconstitution.

A substantial amount of his work has centred around providing illustrations that did not appear with a story's original publication. For instance, he was deeply involved with illustrating the ebooks that the official BBC Doctor Who website made available online in the early 2000s, providing new cover art and illustrations for Human Nature, Nightshade, Lungbarrow, The Scales of Injustice and The Well-Mannered War. As the BBC's illustrator for the short story The Feast of the Stone, he is also one of the very few people outside of the original animators to professionally publish imagery of the Shalka Doctor. He also provided a significant amount of illustrative work for Doctor Who Magazine, his art accompanying both reviews of Big Finish Productions audio stories, such as his Dust Breeding artwork, and interviews with authors, as with his alternative Sixth Doctor/Mel Cat's Cradle and Seventh Doctor/Ace Lungbarrow portraits in DWM's two part interview with Marc Platt. He additionally provided original publication art for the Eighth Doctor Telos novella Fallen Gods.

Joyce's images of the 1963 version of Doctor Who were particularly featured in DWM issue #310, where a "What if?" article about swapping Doctors in different stories allowed him to pit Zoe against Zygons and the Second Doctor against a Skarasen, give a new version of K9 to the First Doctor and Steven, and posit other purely conceptual notions.

However, it was the BBC Wales era that gave Joyce the opportunity to provide illustrations to the original publication of Doctor Who stories. From 2006, Joyce was a fairly regular contributor to Doctor Who annual publications. Thus, he was the primary artist for stories involving both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, including Pitter-Patter, Cuckoo-Spit, Grand Theft Planet!, and Corner of the Eye.

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