Darth Vader was a fictional character from the Star Wars films made on Earth.

According to one account, he was a real person. He attended Bonjaxx's birthday party in Maruthea and talked with a Ferengi. (COMIC: Party Animals)


Vader was once good but eventually turned to the Dark Side. This made Flip Jackson compare him to the Valeyard, who was the embodiment of the Doctor's dark side. (AUDIO: Stage Fright)

Returned to her old haunts in Perivale in 1989, Ace learned from Ange that their mutual friend Flo married a "brain-dead plumber" whom they had nicknamed "Darth Vader." (TV: Survival)

Izzy Sinclair had a poster of Darth Vader in her bedroom in the Doctor's TARDIS. (COMIC: Beautiful Freak)

Behind the scenes

  • Darth Vader was played psychically by Minotaur actor Dave Prowse and later Spencer Wilding.
  • Darth Vader appeared in a Top Gear skit "Master of the Universe" where he was pitted against other opponents including a Dalek, a Cyberman and Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor to see who the fastest "Master of the Universe" was around the Top Gear track. Vader was seen helping the Cyberman put its helmet on, and he was later exterminated when the Dalek became angry that it couldn't fit in the car.

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