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The Darksmith Collective were a brotherhood of the planet Karagula. They were colonists of the planet Karagula who evolved to survive on the harsh, burnt planet by adopting an underground existence. With bones visible beneath a thin translucent skin and lidless eyes, they had little pigmentation because of their underground existence and were highly sensitive to light.[source needed]

They were governed by the Witan (the Darksmiths' ruling council of nine) led by High Minister Drakon. They successfully developed advanced technologies and traded with alien peoples. They despised the light and their fundamental belief was "from darkness comes power, creation and truth".[source needed]

They used ancient and highly advanced technologies. Being artisans and creators, they were capable of manipulating the physical world, taking the raw fabric of reality, breaking it down and reassembling subatomic particles. Space and matter were their toys. They often combining these into single projects for clients across the galaxies. These included matter-transfer systems, supra-lightspeed engines, the Mortal Mirror and construction of the Agent. They used the Dreadbringer as soldiers.[source needed]

The Brotherhood Edit

[source needed]

Grey-robed Darksmith
Crimson-robed Darksmith
Project: Agent leader
Rogue brother of the Collective (sentenced to death) who disappeared following the Mordane incident taking with him the Eternity Crystal.
Purple-robed Darksmith