The fungoid people native to Yuggoth were, according to the Seventh Doctor, most popularly known as Darklings. Circa 23,000 BC, the Darklings fought a war with the Tzun and were driven back to 61 Cygni. The Tzun were left weakened by the Darkling genetic weaponry. (PROSE: First Frontier)

Behind the scenes Edit

The fungi from Yuggoth are an alien race of the Cthulhu mythos which featured in H. P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness. Within other mythos stories they are commonly called Mi-go, but the variant of Yuggoth fungus creature seen in The Whisperer in Darkness go unnamed, with "Mi-go" only used to name another group of fungi in the Himalayas who resemble yeti. These Himalayan Mi-go are, in fact, alluded to in the Cthulhu-mythos-heavy PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5 with a line that the Museum of Things That Don't Exist has "nine types of Yeti, including the robotic and fungi varieties". The short story The Monster Factory in the unlicensed charity publication Shelf Life indicates that "Darkling" is a specific name for the variation of fungus-creature that features in The Whisperer in Darkness; the story explains that the Giant Wasps that menace Quarks were created by the Rani to be able to interface with Darkling technology.

The Darklings' name, connection to 61 Cygni, and use of genetic weaponry are direct references to the episode Killer of Blake's 7, where 61 Cygni is an area popularly known as the "Darkling Zone" which is home to an isolated alien civilisation that infects human explorers with a virus designed to kill anyone who's been to deep space. The name 'Darkling' also alludes to the light-devoid nature of Yuggoth in Cthulhu mythos stories.

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