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Dark Water was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2014.

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In the style of a TV advertisement for an energy drink, a Cyberman promotes the drinking of dark water to force any resurfacing emotions back down, and generally restore a failing Cyberman to peak efficiency. When the Twelfth Doctor bursts in and declares the whole thing an abomination, the Cyberman retorts that dark water is "abominably good".

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  • Dark water is made up of liquid isotopes.
  • The organic parts of Cybermen are referred to as "parboiled, reanimated corpses".
  • The "salesman" Cyberman claims that dark water will help cure ailments which allegedly affect all Cybermen at one time or another: their exoskeleton "losing its luster", their reanimated flesh looking "a little gray", and "some of [one's] vestigial emotions poking through [one's] unfeeling carapace".
  • Drinking it instantly dissolves both despair and organs.

Notes Edit

  • This story is a riff on dark water and the TV story already named after it, TV: Dark Water. The TV story showed Cybermen kept in stasis in tanks of dark water, but did not allot any other purpose to the liquid than to hide the Cybermen's mechanical parts to make them seem like mere inanimate skeletons.

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