The Dark Peaks Lodge was a Foamasi criminal organisation. They were an especially dangerous lodge, since they would do anything to get their way. The Dark Peaks Lodge was the newest of the Lodges, created circa the 38th century. They had little in the way of social standing among the other Lodges. They used the voices of mid-35th century Chelonian politicians.

In 3999, the Dark Peaks Lodge started to try to take over other Foamasi's activities. They started by murdering Chase Carrington, taking over Carrington Corp. Using the connection of Carrington Corp, they learned about a new drug being produced on Micawber's World. They decided to investigate, even though they had been forbidden from getting involved on the planet.

After reaching Micawber's World, they learnt of the disappearances underneath Micawber's World, caused by the Wirrn. Believing them to be connected, they blackmailed Gary Ritchie by kidnapping his family, forcing him to send Sergeant Dallion to investigate. When the Twin Suns Lodge also sent someone to investigate, the Dark Peaks Lodge murdered the agent.

The murder of the Twin Suns Lodge intrigues the Eighth Doctor and soon he too is hired to investigate the activities on Micawber's World. When he learnt of the Dark Peak's involvement, they blamed him, Ritchie and Ms Sox for planning to kill the Duchess of Auckland. The Doctor was eventually freed and the Foamasi ambassador, Green Fingers, learns the truth about the Dark Peaks. The Dark Peaks leader was killed and all the other agents were hunted down. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

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