Darac-Poul-Caparrel-Jal-7 ("Darac-7" for short) was a Jal Karath from Hive 7. After Veec-Ellic-Savareen-Jal-9 came to Earth in 1947 and settled in Calcutta, India, Darac-7 arrived looking for him. He also planned to kidnap people and make them into Gelem warriors, which he would then sell to the Hive Council. When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble accidentally came to Calcutta, the Doctor started investigating both the mutations caused by Darac-7's ship's Zytron energy and the kidnapping by the Gelem warriors. When he found Darac-7, Darac-7 claimed that Veec-9 was the criminal and that he needed help finding him. Agreeing to aid him, the Doctor returned to the TARDIS to help the search, but this was just a ploy by Darac-7 so he could find out the source of the Doctor's technology.

At this point, Darac-7 decided to start a mass kidnapping, planning to collect 5,000 humans. With the help of Veec-9, the Doctor and his companions were able to track down Darac-7's ship and free the captured people. When the Doctor, Ranjit and Mohandas Gandhi tried to confront Darac-7, they were captured and sent to be turned into Gelem warriors. When Gandhi was put into the extractor, it was shut down, and since the whole ship was interconnected, the whole ship was then shut down. The Doctor then redirected the energy, destroying the ship and killing Darac-7. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

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