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The Dapol logo as it appeared on most Doctor Who packaging

Dapol are a model railway maker that secured the licence from the BBC to produce and market a range of Doctor Who toys. The licence ran from 1988 until 2001, until the BBC declined to renew it in 2002.

Its range included action figures of the Doctor, companions and enemies, as well as various TARDIS models. The company often released obviously flawed figures, such as a five sided TARDIS console instead of the normal six, a green K9, a Fourth Doctor with no hat or scarf, and an undersized Second Doctor with no articulation.

They also held other licenses. One allowed them to release special edition glassware products. Another gave them permission to sell branded adhesive transfers. In 1995 Dapol obtained a further licence to operate the Llangollen Doctor Who Experience, a long-standing Doctor Who exhibition in Wales next to its factory.

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