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Daphne Ashbrook (born on 30 January 1963[1] in Long Beach, California) played Dr Grace Holloway, companion of the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 television movie. To this date, she is the only American to portray an on-screen companion in the series (notwithstanding the publicity that maintained the fiction that Nicola Bryant was American; John Barrowman used an American accent but was born in Scotland).

Ashbrook also portrayed Perfection in the Big Finish Productions Main Range audio story The Next Life. In 2011, she returned to Big Finish to play UNIT Capt. Ruth Matheson in the audio stories Tales from the Vault, Mastermind, The Screaming Skull and The Tactics of Defeat. According to an interview with her included on Tales from the Vault, rights issues prevent her from being able to reprise the role of Grace for Big Finish.

Among her many other television and film roles was her guest-starring role as Ensign Melora Pazlar in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Melora" alongside series regular and fellow Big Finish contributor Alexander Siddig. She also had a recurring role on JAG after her appearance in Doctor Who. In 2011 she published an autobiography, Dead Woman Laughing. She has also released an album, Grace Notes.



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