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"Danny Boy" was the call sign of a Spitfire pilot who fought in World War II.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Danny Boy" once helped the Eleventh Doctor to attack a Dalek saucer. His primary mission was to disable the device on the ship that was artificially illuminating London during a night of the London Blitz. His Bracewell-modified Spitfire, which had a gravity bubble around it for space travel, also carried laser guns able to damage Dalek technology.

"Danny Boy" led two other Spitfires, Jubilee and Flintlock, in the attack on the Dalek ship. Both of them were destroyed, their pilots killed, in the assault. "Danny Boy" destroyed the dish emitting the pulse, in large part due to the Doctor's disabling the ship's shields. After he had completed his primary mission, the Doctor ordered him to destroy the Dalek ship. However, the Doctor countermanded these orders when the Daleks threatened to destroy the Earth. "Danny Boy" then returned to Earth. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

"Danny Boy" was later summoned by the Doctor to help him rescue Amy Pond and her baby. "Danny Boy" was part of a squad of at least two Spitfires which destroyed Demons Run's communications array. After his objective was completed, "Danny Boy" and his comrade were returned to their own time. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Mark Gatiss was not credited for this role. His appearance in Victory of the Daleks made him the first person to both write and portray a named character in the same episode of Doctor Who.

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