Daniels family

The Daniels family. (TV: Rose)

The Daniels family were a Southampton family who were visited by and befriended the Ninth Doctor. The family of six consisted of patriarch Arthur, matriarch Edith, and their four children, Connie, Hattie, Bertie, and Marget.

A week before the Titanic was due to set sail in 1912, the Ninth Doctor arrived in the dead of night, with a wound on his head. The Daniels family nursed him back to health, and he stayed with them for a couple days. During that time, the family told the Doctor of their plans to travel to the New World on the Titanic. After helping settle Arthur's debts with William Spence, the Doctor left the family in the dead of night, and stole their tickets for the Titanic. He left Connie a copy of The Time Machine along with a note saying that they would understand why he had stolen the tickets soon.

On the 17 April, the news that the Titanic had been lost reached the Daniels family. The family was shocked, and wondering if the Doctor was indeed a time traveler. They were grateful for their second chance at life that the Doctor had given them. (AUDIO: Battle Scars)

The Daniels family never revealed why they had cancelled their trip on the Titanic, but spoke of the Doctor. Years later, Clive Finch would come across a family picture of the Daniels family and their story of meeting the Doctor. He later relayed this information to Rose Tyler when she came to visit him on 5 March 2005, seeking information about the Doctor. (TV: Rose) Later in the 21st century, this same image was discovered by Adam Mitchell. (COMIC: Mystery Date)

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