Daniel Llewellyn oversaw the Guinevere One space probe on its mission to Mars.

Unaware of the existence of alien life, Llewellyn was left confused when the Sycorax hijacked the probe and began their invasion on 24 December 2006. When they transported him aboard their ship, he volunteered to make contact with them as the probe had been his responsibility. The Sycorax leader murdered him with his death whip. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

Behind the scenes Edit

British Rocket Group website Edit

A tie-in website for the British Rocket Group went into further detail in Llewellyn's history. It said he studied at Swansea University, gaining a Masters in areology. He worked at NASA from 1998-2001 and in 2001, was invited to join the British Rocket Group. He soon headed the Guinevere One project to Mars; the site claiming that "the only thing that fascinates him more than the red planet is his five-year-old daughter, Sian."

Llewellyn had come up with the name "Guinevere", saying, "As a Welshman, I love the old Arthurian legends and enjoyed naming our probe after a woman with such a tangled history as good old 'Gwen the Great'!" The website said he and his team worked "tirelessly" for four years to create Guinevere, "the most technologically-advanced investigative space probe mankind has ever seen". [1]

Footnotes Edit

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