Daniel Hinton — or Danny, as he was sometimes known — was a student.

Daniel Hinton was an intelligent student. He excelled at maths and computer work. However the headmaster told Daniel that he was a disruptive influence. Daniel lost his CCF kit and was skiving off games. In 1992, he was expelled from Brendon Public School for dabbling in black magic. He knew Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart while there.

Three years later, Daniel was a student at the New World University. He knew that there was something wrong with the New World University. Together with his friend Anthony he tried to find out what it was. However he soon got into the Great Intelligence's influence. The Great Intelligence wanted to use Daniel to set a trap for Lethbridge-Stewart, who had the last locus. Daniel didn't like this but wasn't able to withdraw the Great Intelligence's influence.

He used black magic to take himself and Lethbridge-Stewart into an astral plane during Lethbridge-Stewart's dreams. There he tried to warn Lethbridge-Stewart to trust noone. However Lethbridge-Stewart did not understand that Daniel was speaking of himself when he told Lethbridge-Stewart to trust noone. Daniel couldn't tell Alistair more, because the Great Intelligence was in the astral plane as well. So Daniel's warnings didn't help much.

With Daniel's help the Great Intelligence finally got the locus. Daniel then was transformed into an organic Yeti. His mind was also placed into the computer systems of the New World University. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart called him a ghost in a machine. That way Daniel was able to contact Alistair and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and help them to fight agaist the Great Intelligence. Therefore his mind was deleted from the computer systems by the Great Intelligence. However he still existed as a Yeti.

He aided in the Great Intelligence defeat, by destroying a machine that kept the Great Intelligence alive.

His ghost later became Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's imaginary friend. When Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart heared about Gordon's new friend he asked Gordon to tell him all about the ghost. (HOMEVID: Downtime, PROSE: Downtime)

Behind the scenes[]