Professor Daniel Eldred was a rocket scientist on Earth in the 21st century. He became deeply embittered when T-Mat replaced conventional space travel and became the curator of a space museum that was frequently ridiculed by other people, and he had been spied on by people in the past.

The government were well aware of Eldred's project to launch a rocket into space.

When problems arose with T-Mat, he was presented with a lifelong dream of seeing a rocket in full flight for the first time in years. At first he utterly refused to allow his rocket to be used for the emergency, saying that he had only built the rocket out of a desire for the impossible dream, and that any such undertaking would be extremely dangerous. With the situation growing urgent, Commander Radnor overruled his objections and prepared the rocket for launch with the Second Doctor and his companions as pilots. With everything going ahead anyway, he agreed to oversee his rocket's launch and successful flight to the Moonbase. Afterwards, he helped Earth's authorities deal with the current crisis and to defeat the Ice Warriors that had taken over the Moonbase. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

At some point, he founded The Slow Museum; a rocket that took passengers to the moon, that doubled as a museum. (PROSE: Second Session)

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