Dangerous Byron was one of the Byron Reprises in Europa. He witnessed the murder of Pope Lucian by a statue of the Archangel Michael. He rescued the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith after they were captured by the Vatican's Swiss Guards, then explained the history of Europa to them.

Later, he went with the Doctor to the Villa Diodati to see one of the other Byron Reprises, who called himself Albé. To see who will be Europa's only Byron, he challenged Albé to a seance battle. During it, the Doctor interrupted, knocking out both Byrons. When they recovered, they fought a more traditional duel with swords, which Dangerous Byron won. On Albé's death, a House of Usher mechanism was activated, causing the entire Villa Diodati to sink under the ground. He then went with Faust to attack Vatican City. (PROSE: Managra)

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