The Danger Thinkers were three women with tremendous psychic powers who attacked London in the 1890s. They were given their name by Jenny Flint.

History Edit

Before they grouped together, each of the women only had a small psychic ability. When Dr Ernst conducted experiments in mind-reading and telekinesis, these three women were among his thirty test subjects. Together, they fed off one another and increased their psychic abilities a hundredfold. They released a psychic blast which knocked everyone nearby unconscious and broke a hole in the wall of the building.

Testing their abilities, the Danger Thinkers went on a rampage through London. The British Army was mobilised to attack them, but they were able to take over the minds of every soldier before a single shot was fired. The Danger Thinkers made their way into the Houses of Parliament and encountered the Paternoster Gang. The Danger Thinkers attempted to take over the gang's minds, but the gang focussed on ideas that confused the Danger Thinkers and the Danger Thinkers were driven insane. They lost their mind powers and were arrested by the police. (PROSE: The Insidious Ideas of the Danger Thinkers)

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